* = approximate date


Feb 7

  • William Petty succeeds Richard Knight as Gresham Professor of Music in London, a post he holds until 1660

Feb 20

  • Francesco Cavalli’s opera Orimonte premiered in Venice. Lib. G. Faustini

May 20

  • Francesco Sacrati (44) dies in Modena

Jul 22

  • Heinrich Schütz’s motet Herr, du bist der vormals genädig gewest [Lord, you are merciful to the former country] premiered in Dresden

Nov 24

  • Manuel Cardoso (83) dies in Lisbon


  • *Cataldo Amodei born (Sciacca, Italy) Italian composer, priest, choirmaster. Died c.1695
  • *Giovanni Battista Bassani born (Padua) Italian composer, violinist, organist, choirmaster. Composer of 13 operas and 13 oratorios, most lost. Died 1716
  • *Giovanni Battista Brevi born (Bergamo) Italian composer, organist, choirmaster. Died c.1725
  • Joachim Neander born (Bremen) German hymnwriter, theologian, schoolmaster. The Neander valley was named in his honour in the early 19th century, subsequently famous as the site of the first discover of Neanderthal Man. Died 1680
  • *André Raison born (Paris) French composer, organist. Published 2 influential collections of organ music. Died 1719
  • *Vasily Polikarpovich Titov born (Moscow) Russian composer, singer, hymn writer. Died c.1715
  • *Thomas Tudway born (Cambridge?) English composer, organist, chorister. Professor of Music at Pembroke College, Cambridge 1705-26. Died 1726
  • *Robert de Visée born (France) French lutenist, guitarist, viol player, composer. Died c.1732
  • Johann Jakob Walther born (Erfurt) German violinist, composer, canon. Died 1717
  • Pierre Beauchamp appointed Louis XIV’s private ballet tutor


  • Giovanni Battista Abbatessa’s collection of guitar pieces Ghirlanda di varii fiori published in Milan
  • Johann Rudolf Ahle’s Fried- Freud- und Jubel-Geschrey Christo Jesu published in Erfurt
  • Francesco Foggia’s Missa et sacrae cantiones op.3 for 2 to 5 voices and organ published in Rome
  • Johann Jakob Froberger’s Hexachord Fantasia published in Rome
  • Giovanni Battista Granata’s guitar collection Nuove suonate di chitarriglia spagnuola piccicate, e battute op.2 published in Bologna
  • Andreas Hammerschmidt’s Der auff den … seligen Hintritt des … Herrn M. Michaelis Theophili Lehmanns … erwehlte Leichen-Text: Ich bin gewiss, dass weder Tod noch Leben & instrumental collection Dritter Theil neuer Paduanen published in Freiberg
  • Johann Erasmus Kindermann’s Musicalische Friedens Freud published in Nuremberg
  • Athanasius Kircher’s treatise on music theory Musurgia universalis published in Rome in two volumes
  • Alberich Mazak’s Cultus harmonicus opus II, a collection of his works, published in Vienna
  • Claudio Monteverdi’s Messa published in Venice
  • Samuel Scheidt’s collection of organ works Tabulatur-Buch hundert geistlicher Lieder und Psalmen published in Görlitz
  • Heinrich Schütz’s Symphoniarum sacrarum tertia pars op.12 published in Dresden

Athanasius Kircher 1601-80


Jan 9

  • Petronio Franceschini born (Bologna) Italian cellist, composer. Died 1680

Jan 16

  • Martin Peerson (c. 78) buried in London

Jan 17

  • Johannes Hieronymus Kapsberger (c. 70) dies in Rome

Jan 20

  • Antonio Cesti’s opera Alessandro vincitor di se stesso [Alexander the conqueror of himself] premiered in Venice. Lib. F. Sbarra

Jan 22

  • Benedetto Ferrari’s opera Egisto premiered in Piacenza. Lib. G.B. Faustini

Feb 9

  • Benedetto Ferrari’s opera Enone abbandonata [Enone abandoned] premiered in Bologna. Lib. Ferrari

Apr 15

  • Domenico Gabrielli born (Bologna) Italian composer, cellist. Early composer for the cello. Wrote 12 operas. Died 1690


  • Johann Georg Ahle born (Mühlhausen) German composer, organist, novelist, theorist. Son of Johann Rudolph Ahle (1625-73). Died 1706

Jul 22

  • Ferdinand Tobias Richter born (Würzburg) German composer, organist. Court organist at the imperial chapel in Vienna from 1690. Died 1711

Aug 6

  • Johann Michael Zächer born (Vienna) Austrian composer, choirmaster. Died 1712


  • Marcin Mielczewski (c.61) dies in Warsaw

Oct 6

  • Heinrich Albert (47) dies in Kaliningrad

Oct 22

  • Jacob Praetorius (c. 65) dies in Hamburg

Nov 28

  • Francesco Cavalli’s opera Calisto premiered in Venice. Lib. G. Faustini after Ovid

Dec 11

  • Ennemond Gaultier (c. 75) dies in Nèves, France

Dec 19

  • Giovanni Faustini (c. 36) dies in Venice

Dec 28

  • Johann Krieger born (Nuremberg) German composer. Organist and music director at Johanniskirche, Zittau for 53 years from 1682. Brother of Johann Philipp Krieger (1649-1725). Died 1735


  • William Turner born (Oxford) English composer, singer, choirmaster. Died 1740
  • *Giovanni Battista Abbatessa (c. 50) dies


  • Maurizio Cazzati’s Corenti e balletti published in Antwerp
  • Giovanni Battista Granata’s guitar collection Nuova scielta di capprici armonici op.3 published in Bologna
  • Tarquinio Merula’s instrumental collection Il quarto libro delle canzoni da suonare published in Venice
  • Claudio Monteverdi’s Madrigali e canzonette … Libro nono published posthumously in Venice
  • Massimiliano Neri’s Sonate op.2 published in Venice
  • Paul Siefert’s Psalmorum Davidicorum pars II published
  • Barbara Strozzi’s Cantate, ariette, e duetti published in Venice
  • First edition of The English Dancing Master published in London by John Playford
  • A Musicall Banquet in 3 Choice Varieties (William Lawes et al) published by John Playford in London
First edition of John Playford's The Dancing Master

First edition of John Playford’s The English Dancing Master


Jan 17

  • Francesco Cavalli’s opera Eritrea premiered in Venice. Lib. G. Faustini

Feb 7

  • Gregorio Allegri (c. 69) dies in Rome

Feb 15

  • Antonio Bertali’s opera Niobe premiered in Mantua. Lib. D. Gabrieli

Mar 7

  • Jean-Baptiste Lully’s ballet Mascarade de la Foire St Germain [masquerade of St Germain fair] premiered in Paris (lost)

Apr 16

  • Pietro Della Valle (66) dies in Rome

May 14

  • Johann Philipp Förtsch baptised (Wertheim am Main, Germany). German composer, doctor. Wrote 12 opera, all lost. Died 1732

Jun 21

  • Inigo Jones (78) dies in London

Nov 21

  • Jan Brożek (67) dies in Krakow of the plague

Dec 17

  • Filipe de Magalhães (c. 81) dies in Lisbon

Dec 21

  • Francesco Cavalli’s opera Veremonda, l’amazzone di Aragona [Veremonda, the Amazon of Aragon] premiered in Naples. Lib. L. Zorzisto


  • Nahum Tate born (Dublin) Irish poet, dramatist, lyricist, hymnwriter. Poet laureate from 1692. Died 1715


  • Wolfgang Carl Briegel’s 10 Paduanen, 10 Galliarden, 10 Balletten, 10 Couranten published in Erfurt
  • Henri Dumont’s Cantica sacra published in Paris
  • Francesco Foggia’s Litanie et sacrae cantiones op.4 for 2 to 5 voices and organ published in Rome
  • Denis Gaultier’s La rhétorique des dieux published in Paris
  • Andreas Hammerschmidt’s Lob- und Danck Lied aus dem 84. Psalm … auff die rümliche Einweihung der wieder erbauten Kirche S Elisabeth in Breslau published in Freiberg
  • John Hilton’s collection of catches, rounds and canons Catch that Catch Can published in London
  • Tarquinio Merula’s Il terzo libro delle salmi et messa concertati published in Venice
  • Marco Uccellini’s Sonate, arie et correnti, op.3 published in Venice

Wolfgang Carl Briegel 1626-1712


Feb 5

  • Johann Nicolaus Bach baptised (Erfurt, Germany) German viol player. Son of Johannes Hans Bach (1604-73), brother of Johann Christian (1640-82) and Johann Aegidius (1645-1716) Bach. Died 1682

Feb 12

  • Giovanni Francesco Grossi aka Siface born (Pistoia, Italy) Italian alto-soprano singer. Died 1697

Feb 16

  • Johannes Schultz (70) dies in Dannenberg, Germany

Feb 17

  • Arcangelo Corelli born (Fusignano, Italy) Italian composer, violinist, teacher. Acclaimed braoque violinist and composer of music for the instrument. Died 1713

Feb 20

  • Luigi Rossi (c. 55) dies in Rome

Mar 16

  • Jean-Baptiste Lully appointed compositeur de la musique instrumentale [composer of instrumental music] by Louis XIV

Mar 26

  • James Shirley, Matthew Locke & Christopher Gibbons’s masque Cupid and Death performed in London

Mar 27

  • The Teatro Malvezzi opens in Bologna. It burns down in 1745

Apr 1

  • Johann Jakob Froberger returns to Vienna as organist at the imperial court

Apr 9

  • Louis Couperin appointed organist at the church of St Gervais, Paris

Apr 17

  • Maurizio Cazzati appointed maestro di cappella of S Maria Maggiore, Bergamo

Apr 28

  • Pierre Robert appointed maître de chapelle at Notre-Dame in Paris

Jun 1

  • Georg Muffat born (Megeve, France) French composer, organist. Father of Gottlieb Muffat (1690-1770). Died 1704

Jun 15

  • Francesco Cavalli’s opera L’Orione [Orion], lib. Francesco Melosio, premiered in Venice

Jul 17

  • Johann Günther Bach baptised (Arnstadt, Germany) German keyboard and violin maker. Son of Heinrich Bach (1615-92), brother of Johann Christoph (1642-1703) and Johann Michael (1648-94) Bach. Died 1683

Jul 25

  • Agostino Steffani born (Castelfranco Veneto, Italy) Italian composer, priest, diplomat, organist. Died 1728

Aug 10

  • Louis-Guillaume Pécourt born (Paris) French dancer, choreographer. Died 1729

Sep 1

  • Johann Pachelbel baptised (Nuremberg) German composer, organist, teacher. The bulk of his compositions are for the keyboard, but he also wrote chamber and vocal music. Father of Wilhelm Hieronymus Pachelbel (1686-1764), Charles Theodore Pachelbel (1690-1750) and painter and engraver Amalia Pachelbel (1688-1723). Died 1706

Sep 6

  • Giovanni Legrenzi appointed first organist at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo


  • *Carlo Francesco Pollarolo born (Brescia) Italian composer of 85 operas and 13 oratorios, organist. Died 1723


  • Andreas Hammerschmidt’s Chormusic auff Madrigal Manier: fünffter Theil Musicalischer Andachten published in Freiberg & Leipzig
  • Johann Erasmus Kindermann’s string works Canzoni, sonatae published in Nuremberg in two volumes
  • Henry Lawes’s Ayres and Dialogues … First Booke published in London
  • Alberich Mazak’s Cultus harmonicus opus III, a collection of his works, published in Vienna
  • Adam Václav Michna’s Loutna česká published in Prague
  • William Young’s 21 Sonatas for 3, 4 or 5 parts published in Innsbruck

Johann Erasmus Kindermann 1616-55


Jan 4

  • Antonio Cesti’s opera Cleopatra premiered in Innsbruck. Lib. A. Rivarota

Jan 6

  • Pietro Ziani’s opera La guerriera spartana [the Spartan warrior], lib. Bartolomeo Castoreo, premiered in Venice

Jan 12

  • Francesco Cavalli’s opera Xerse premiered in Venice. Lib. N. Minato

Feb 3

  • Pietro Antonio Fiocco born (Venice) Italian composer, choirmaster. Father of Jean-Joseph Fiocco (1686-1746) and Joseph-Hector Fiocco (1703-41). Died 1714

Feb 12

  • Marco Marazzoli’s opera Dal male il bene [good from evil] premiered in Rome. Lib. G. Rospigliosi

Mar 24

  • Samuel Scheidt (66) dies in Halle

Apr 21

  • Francisco López Capillas appointed organist and maestro de capilla of Mexico City Cathedral, a position he holds until his death in 1673

Jul 25

  • Agostino Steffani born (Castelfranco Veneto, Italy) Italian priest, composer, organist, singer, diplomat. Died 1728

Aug 13

  • Pier Francesco Tosi born (Cesena, Italy) Italian castrato singer, composer, writer.musicologist. Died 1732

Sep 29

  • Vincent Lübeck born (Padinbüttel, Germany) German composer, organist, teacher. Organist at St. Cosmae et Damiani, Stade from 1675 and then St Nikolai, Hamburg from 1702. Died 1740

Oct 23

  • Johann Bernhard Staudt born (Vienna) Austrian composer, Jesuit priest. Died 1712

Oct 31

  • Francisco Correa de Arauxo (c. 70) dies in Segovia

Nov 5

  • Christian Liebe born (Freiberg, Germany) German composer, organist, teacher. Died 1708

Dec 3

  • Jean-Baptiste Lully’s Ballet du temps premiered in Paris

Dec 30

  • Giovanni Legrenzi leaves the position of first organist at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo


  • *Servaes de Koninck born (Ghent, Belgium) Flemish composer, songwriter. Died 1701


  • Wolfgang Carl Briegel’s Psalter Davids published in Gotha
  • Maurizio Cazzati’s Correnti e balletti alla francese e all’itagliana a 5 con alcune sonate published in Venice
  • Giovanni Legrenzi’s Concerti Musicali per uso di Chiesa op.1 published in Venice
  • Adam Václav Michna’s Sacra et litaniae published in Prague
  • Marco Uccellini’s Salmi, op.6 published in Venice
Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687)

Jean-Baptiste Lully 1632-87


Jan 18

  • Francesco Cavalli’s opera Statira principessa di Persia [Princess Statira of Persia] premiered in Venice. Lib. G.F. Busenello

Jan 22

  • Michel de La Guerre’s opera Le triomphe de l′Amour sur des bergers et bergères [the triumph of love over shepherds and shepherdesses] premiered in Paris – considered the first true French opera (concert version – staged in 1657)

Feb 4

  • Jean-Baptiste Lully’s Ballet des plaisirs premiered in Paris

Feb 18

  • Pietro Giovanni Guarneri born (cremona) Luthier, violinist. Son of Andrea Guarneri (1626-98). Died 1720

Feb 23

  • Giovanni Legrenzi reappointed first organist at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo

Feb 28

  • Johann Beer born (St.Georgen im Attergau, Austria) Austrian court official, composer, author, singer. Died 1700

Apr 14

  • Johann Erasmus Kindermann (39) dies in Nuremberg

May 4

  • Bartolomeo Cristofori born (Padua) Italian instrument maker, particularly keyboards, and inventor.  Credited with the invention of the piano. Three of his pianos from 1720-26 still survive. Died 1731

May 30

  • Jean-Baptiste Lully’s ballet Les bienvenus premiered in Compiègne (lost)

Jul 30

  • Sigmund Theophil Staden (47) dies in Nuremberg

Aug 1

  • Christoph Bernhard appointed vice-Kapellmeister at the electoral court in Dresden

Aug 13

  • Johann Christoph Denner (Leipzig) German maker of woodwind instruments. Credited with the invention of the clarinet. Died 1707

Sep 12

  • Sébastien de Brossard born (Dompierre, France) French music theorist, manuscript collector, choirmaster, priest. Died 1730

Oct 16

  • Joseph Solomon Delmedigo (64) dies in Prague

Nov 4

  • Antonio Cesti’s opera L’Argia premiered in Innsbruck. Lib. G.F. Apolloni

Dec 30

  • Francesco Cavalli’s opera Erismena premiered in Venice. Lib. A. Aureli

Dec 31

  • Giovanni Legrenzi leaves for the final time the position of first organist at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo


  • Johann Rosenmüller imprisoned in Leipzig due to allegations of sexual activity with choirboys. He escapes by 1658
  • Matthias Weckmann appointed organist at the Jacobikirche, Hamburg


  • Andreas Hammerschmidt’s Musicalische Gespräche über die Evangelia published in Dresden
  • Henry Lawes’s The Second Book of Ayres, and Dialogues published in London
  • Giovanni Legrenzi’s Sonata a due, e tre op.2 & Harmonia d’affetti Devoti a due, tre, e quatro, voci op.3 published in Venice
  • Biagio Marini’s Diversi generi di sonate, da chiesa, e da camera op.22 published in Venice
  • Barbara Strozzi’s Sacri Musicali Affetti, Libro I published in Venice

Giovanni Legrenzi 1626-90


Jan 10

  • Francesco Cavalli’s opera Artemisia premiered in Venice. Lib. N. Minato

Jan 16

  • Jean-Baptiste Lully’s Ballet de Psyché ou la puissance de l’Amour [Ballet of Psyche or the power of love] premiered in Paris

Jan 31

  • Marco Marazzoli’s opera La Vita humana [human life] premiered in Rome. Lib. G. Rospigliosi

Feb 3

  • Jean-Baptiste Lully’s ballet La Galanterie du temps [the gallantry of time] premiered in Paris

Feb 19

  • Antonio Cesti’s opera Orontea premiered in Innsbruck. Lib. G.A. Cicognini

Feb 20

  • Marco Marazzoli’s opera Le armi e gli amori [arms and loves] premiered in Rome. Lib. G. Rospigliosi

Feb 27

  • Johann Caspar Kerll appointed Vice-Kapellmeister to the Elector Ferdinand Maria’s court in Monaco

May 31

  • Marin Marais born (Paris) French composer, bass viol player, conductor, court musician. Died 1728

Jun 9

  • Thomas Tomkins (c. 83) dies in Worcestershire

Jul 6

  • Michelangelo Rossi (c. 55) dies in Rome


  • The opera The Siege of Rhodes part 1 premiered privately in William Davenant’s home theatre at Rutland House in London. The opera had a libretto by Davenant and music by Henry Lawes, Matthew Locke, Henry Cooke, Charles Coleman and George Hudson. It is considered the first English language opera

Sep 6

  • Johann Kaspar Ferdinand Fischer born (Karlsbad, Germany) German composer, choirmaster. Composed mainly keyboard works. Died 1746

Sep 22

  • Johann Kaspar Kerll appointed Kapellmeister at the court of the Elector Ferdinand Maria in Munich

Oct 3

  • Stephan Otto (53) dies in Schandau, Germany

Nov 3

  • Georg Reutter born (Vienna) Austrian composer, organist, theorbo player, choirmaster. Kappelmeister of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna from 1715 to 1728. Died 1738


  • Johann Paul von Westhoff born (Dresden) German composer, violinist. One of the first to compose for solo violin. Died 1705
  • Francesco Turini (c. 60) dies in Brescia


  • Maurizio Cazzati’s Sonate published in Bologna
  • Johann Jakob Froberger’s manuscript collection Libro Quarto compiled and written
  • Andreas Hammerschmidt’s Ander Theil geistlicher Gespräche über die Evangelia published in Dresden
  • Giovanni Legrenzi’s Sonate dà Chiesa, e dà Camera, Correnti, Balletti, Alemane, Sarabande a tre, doi violini, e violone. Libro Secondo op.4 published in Venice
  • Matthew Locke’s Little Consort of Three Parts published in London

An engraving of the backdrop used in the original production of the opera The Siege of Rhodes


Jan 17

  • Jean-Baptiste Lully’s ballet Amour malade premiered in Paris

Jan 21

  • Melchior Schildt’s chorale concerto Ach mein herzliebes Jesulein completed

Feb 5

  • Jacopo Melani’s opera Il potestà di Colognole (La Tancia) [The power of Colognole] premiered in Florence at the inaugaration of the Teatro della Pergola. Lib. Giovanni Andrea Moniglia

Feb 13

  • Johann Kaspar Kerll’s opera Oronte premiered at the inauguration of the Munich Hofoper. Lib. G.J. Alcaini (lost)

Mar 18

  • Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni born (Rieti, Italy) Italian composer, choirmaster, writer on music theory and history. Maestro di capella at San Marco basilica, Rome, for 66 years from 1677. Died 1743

Mar 21

  • John Hilton (c.56) buried in London

May 5

  • Henry Playford born (London) English music publisher. Son of John Playford (1623-86). Died c.1707

May 15

  • Pietro Andrea Ziani appointed first organist at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo

Jul 17

  • Sebastian Knüpfer appointed as cantor of the Thomaskirche, Leipzig, a post he holds until his death in 1676

Jul 25

  • Philipp Heinrich Erlebach born (Esens, Germany) German composer, choirmaster. Kappelmeister to the Thuringian court from 1681. Died 1714


  • Maurizio Cazzati appointed maestro di cappella of S Petronio, Bologna

Oct 8

  • Heinrich Schütz’s Herr, nun lässest du deinen Diener premiered at the funeral of Elector Johann Georg I of Saxony in Dresden

Dec 15

  • Michel Richard Delalande born (Paris) French composer, organist. Music director the French chapel royal from 1714. Died 1726


  • Franciszek Lilius (c. 57) dies in Tarnów, Poland
  • Pietro Paolo Sabbatini (c. 57) dies in Rome


  • Johann Rudolf Ahle’s Neu-gepflanzter thüringischer Lustgarten published in Mühlhausen
  • Constantin Christian Dedekind’s collection of 146 sacred and secular songs Aelbianische Musen-Lust published in Dresden
  • Henri Dumont’s Meslanges à II, III, IV et V parties published in Paris
  • Joannes Florentius a Kempis’s collection of Christmas carols Cantiones Natalitiae published in Antwerp
  • Adam Kriegers’ Arien, a collection of 50 songs, published in Leipzig
  • Giovanni Legrenzi’s Salmi op.5 (13 psalms) published in Venice
  • Giovanni Felice Sances’s Trattenimenti musicali per camera published in Venice
  • Johann Heinrich Schmelzer’s Lamento sopra la morte di Ferdinando III published in Nuremberg
  • Heinrich Schütz’s Zwölff geistliche Gesänge op.13 published in Dresden
  • Barbara Strozzi’s Ariette a Voce Sola published in Venice

Adam Krieger 1634-66


Jan 16

  • Pietro Ziani’s opera L’incostanza trionfante [fickleness triumphant], lib. Bartolomew Castoreo premiered in Venice

Jan 25

  • Francesco Cavalli’s opera Antioco premiered in Venice. Lib. N. Minato (music lost)

Feb 14

  • Jean-Baptiste Lully’s ballet Alcidiane premiered in Paris

Feb 28

  • Benedetto Ferrari’s opera L’Erosilda premiered in Modena. Lib. C. Vigarani

Apr 22

  • Giuseppe Torelli born (Verona) Italian composer, violinist, teacher. Noted for his concertos both for violins and for trumpets. Died 1709

Jun 12

  • Francesco Cavalli’s opera Hipermestra premiered in Florence. Lib. G.A. Moniglia


  • William Davenant & Matthew Locke’s opera The Cruelty of the Spaniards in Peru premiered in London

Nov 20

  • Francesco Provenzale’s opera Il Theseo premiered in Naples. Lib. G. delle Chiavi


  • Wolfgang Carl Briegel’s Geistlicher musikalischer Rosengarten published in Gotha
  • Johann Jakob Froberger’s manuscript collection Libro di capricci e ricercate compiled and written
  • Andreas Hammerschmidt’s Bussfertiges Friedens-Seuffzerlein published in Coburg
  • Michel Lambert’s Airs du sieur Lambert published in Paris
  • Henry Lawes’s Ayres and Dialogues … Third Booke published in London
  • Barbara Strozzi’s Diporte di Euterpe, overo Cantate & Ariette a Voce Sola published in Venice

Michel Lambert 1610-96


Jan 17

  • Antonio Veracini born (Florence) Italian composer, violinist. Uncle of Francesco Maria Veracini (1690-1768). Died 1745

Feb 19

  • Jean-Baptiste Lully’s ballet La Raillerie [the taunt] premiered in Paris

Mar 6

  • Salomon Franck born (Weimar) German lawyer, librarian, civil servant, writer. Wrote many of the texts for JS Bach’s cantatas. Died 1725

Apr 15

  • Simon Dach (53) dies in Kaliningrad

Sep 10

  • Henry Purcell born (London) English composer, organist. Organist at Westminster Abbey from 1669 and at the Chapel Royal from 1682. Brother of Daniel Purcell (1664-1717). Considered the greatest English composer of the seventeenth century. Died 1695

Oct 27

  • Giovanni Francesco Busenello (61) dies in Legnaro, Italy

Nov 30

  • Walter Porter (c.70) buried in London

Dec 26

  • Francesco Cavalli’s opera Elena premiered in Venice. Lib. G. Faustini  & N. Minato


  • Matteo Goffriller born (Brixen, Italy) Italian luthier, particularly known for his cellos. Died 1742
  • Vinzenz Fux (c.53) dies in Vienna
  • William Davenant & Matthew Locke’s opera The History of Sir Francis Drake premiered in London


  • Giovanni Battista Granata’s guitar collection Soavi concenti di sonate musicali per la chitarra spagnuola op.4 published in Bologna
  • Andreas Hammerschmidt’s Fest-, Buss- und Danklieder published in Dresden & Zittau
  • Anthoni van Noordt’s Tabulatuur-boeck van psalmen en fantasyen published in Amsterdam
  • Johann Heinrich Schmelzer’s Duodena selectarum sonatarum (12 sonatas) published in Nuremberg
  • Christopher Simpson’s instruction book for the viol The Division Violist published in London

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