13th Century

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* = approximate date


  • *Albertus Magnus born (Lauingen, German) German Dominican friar, theologian, philosopher, music theorist. Died 1280
  • *Ulrich von Liechtenstein born (Murau, Austria) Austrian minnesinger, knight. Died 1278
  • *Beatritz de Dia (c. 50) dies
  • *Tibors de Sarenom (c. 70) dies
  • *Professional bards begin to appear in Ireland
  • *The Motet form develops


  • May 30 Theobald I of Navarre born (Troyes, France) King of Navarre and Count of Champagne, troubador, crusader. Died 1253
  • Oct 10 Richard de Fournival born (Amiens) French trouvère, philosopher, surgeon. Chancellor of the cathedral chapter of Notre Dame d’Amiens, author of Bestiaire d’amour [The Bestiary of Love]. Died 1260
  • *Léonin (c. 65) dies, probably in Paris


  • Blondel de Nesle (c. 47) dies
  • *Gaucelm Faidit (c. 32) disappears from the historical record – probably dies on the fourth crusade


  • May Chastelain de Coucy (c. 43) dies on crusade and is buried at sea


  • Nov Folquet de Marselha elected Bishop of Toulouse
  • *Jehan Erart born (Arras) French trouvère. Died c.1259
  • *Pérotin (c. 45) dies, probably in Paris
  • Peire Vidal (c. 40) dies, probably in Provence


  • Berenguier de Palazol (c. 70) dies, probably in Catalonia


  • *Wolfram von Eschenbach writes the epic poem Parzival


  • Mar 26 Sancho I of Portugal (57) dies in Coimbra
  • *Gace Brulé (c. 53) dies


  • Giraut de Bornelh (c. 77) dies
  • *Bertran de Born (c. 75) dies in Dordogne


  • Safi al-Din al-Urmawi born (Urmia, Iran) Persian musician, music theorist, instrument inventor. Author of two books on music theory: Kitab al-Adwār and Risāla al-Sharafiyya fi ‘l-nisab al-taʾlifiyya. Died 1294


  • Philip the Chancellor appointed chancellor of Notre Dame de Paris, a position he holds until his death in 1236


  • Dec 17 Conon de Béthune (c. 69) dies near Constantinople whilst on the fourth crusade


  • *Franco of Cologne born (Cologne) German music theorist, author of Ars cantus mensurabilis [The Art of Measurable Music]. Died c.1270
  • *Thomas Learmont aka Thomas the Rhymer born (Earlston, Berwickshire) Scottish mystic, balladier. The ballad hero Tam Lin is said to have been based upon him. Died c.1298
  • *Raimon de Miraval (c. 60) dies
  • *Wolfram von Eschenbach (c. 50) dies


  • Nov 23 Alfonso X of Castile born (Toledo, Spain) King of Castile, León and Galicia, composer, astronomer. Attributed author of song collection Cantigas de Santa Maria [Canticles of Holy Mary]. Died 1284


  • Elias Cairel (c. 50) dies in Romania


  • *Walther von der Vogelweide’s Palästinalied [Palestine Song] written


  • *Guiraut Riquier born (Provence) French troubador. Died 1292
  • *Paulet de Marselha born (Marseilles) French troubador. Died c.1270
  • *W. de Wycombe born (Leominster?) English composer. Scribe at the Priory of Leominster, possible author of English round Sumer Is Icumen In. Died c.1290
  • *Aimeric de Peguilhan (c. 60) dies in Lombardy
  • *Walther von der Vogelweide (c. 60) dies in Würzburg
  • *Carmina Burana aka Burana Codex written in Benediktbeuern, Bavaria. The manuscript collection contains 254 poems, songs and dramatic texts
  • *Julian of Speyer’s epic song Historia rhythmica of St. Francis composed


  • Dec 25 Folquet de Marselha (c. 80) dies in Toulouse


  • Apr 7 Theobald I becomes King of Navarre on the death of his uncle Sancho VII


  • Dec 26 Philip the Chancellor (c. 75) dies in Paris


  • *Adam de la Halle born (Arras, France) French trouvère, jongleur, playwright. Composer of the medieval morality play Le Jeu de Robin et Marian (approx date). Died 1288
  • Blacatz (c. 72) dies
  • *Pons de Capduelh (c. 47) dies


  • Moniot d’Arras (c. 49) dies


  • *Johan Esteve de Bezers born (Béziers, France) French troubador. Died c.1290
  • Neidhart von Reuental (c. 60) dies
  • *De mensurabili musica written, the first treatise to propose notation of rhythm. Edited by one Jehan de Garlandia and not written by Johannes de Garlandia as was previously thought (although some sources have them as the same person)


  • Aimeric de Belenoi (c. 52) dies in Catalonia
  • Blacasset dies. Birth date unknown. Provençal troubadour. Son of Blacatz (1165-1237)


  • Folquet de Lunel born (Lunel, France) French troubador. Died c.1300


  • *Rutebeuf born (Champagne) French trouvère, poet, satirist, playwright. Died c.1285
  • *Otto von Botenlauben (c.68) dies in Bad Kissingen, Germany


  • *Heinrich Frauenlob aka Heinrich von Meißen born (Meissen, Germany) German minnesinger, poet. Established a singing school in Mainz. Died 1318
  • *Johannes de Garlandia aka Johannes Gallicus born (Paris?) French music theorist, teacher, bookseller. Died c.1320
  • *Julian of Speyer (c. 60) dies
  • *Notre Dame School of Polyphony period ends
  • *The Portatio, a portable small organ, is invented
Heinrich Frauenlob (c.1250-1318)

Heinrich Frauenlob (c.1250-1318)


  • May 30 Alfonso X becomes King of Castile, León and Galicia on the death of his father Ferdinand III
  • *Safi al-Din al-Urmawi’s Kitab al-Adwār [Book of modes] written


  • Jul 8 Theobald I of Navarre (52) dies in Pamplona
  • Amir Khusrow born (Patiali, Uttar Pradesh, India) Indian poet, musician, scholar, Sufi mystic. Credited with the invention of the tabla, and the development of the khayal and tarana styles of Indian classical music. Died 1325
  • Uc de Saint Circ (c. 63) dies


  • The chansonnier known as troubadour manuscript “D” assembled in Lombardy


  • *Johannes de Grocheio aka Jean de Grouchy born (Paris) Music theorist, teacher. Auhtor of the treatise Ars Musicae. Died c.1320


  • First Geisslerlieder [Flagellant Songs] outbreak. These were songs sung by wandering bands of penitents seeking divine help after famine, war and plague hit northern Italy (see also 1349)


  • Jehan Erart (c. 54) dies


  • Mar 1 Richard de Fournival (58) dies
  • Aug 26 Alberico da Romano (c. 64) tortured and executed in San Zenone degli Ezzelini, Italy after taking part in a revolt against Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II
  • *Petrus de Cruce aka Pierre de la Croix born (Amiens) French music theorist, composer, cleric. Composer of the Petronian motets. Died c.1340
  • *Franco of Cologne’s musical treatise Ars cantus mensurabilis [the art of measurable song] written
  • Guiraut Riquier composes the pastorela L’autre jorn m’anava
  • *Earliest known English folk song Sumer Is Icumen In composed, possibly by W. de Wycombe


  • Adam de la Halle writes what could be considered the first operetta, Le Jeu de la Feuillee [the Game of the Leaves]
  • Guiraut Riquier composes the pastorela L’autr’ ier trobei la bergeira d’antan


  • Guiraut Riquier composes the pastorela Gaia, pastorela


  • *Book of Aneirin, a manuscript collection of ancient Welsh poetry written. Attributed to the 7th century poet Aneirin, the collection is thought to be a copy of one 400 years older, now lost. Included is the epic poem Y Gododdin


  • *Safi al-Din al-Urmawi’s Risāla al-Sharafiyya [treatise for Sharaf, his pupil] written


  • Paulet de Marselha composes Razos no es que hom deja chantar, a planh on the death of Barral des Baux, Viscount of Marseilles and Lord of Baux
  • *Manuscript “V”, one of the earliest preserved chansonniers, is compiled in Catalonia


  • *Franco of Cologne (c. 50) dies
  • *Paulet de Marselha (c. 40) dies in Italy
  • Johan Esteve composes the planh Aissi quol malanans


  • *Marchetto da Padova born (Padua, Italy) Italian music theorist, composer, teacher. Author of two major treatises: the Lucidarium in arte musice plane and the Pomerium in arte musice mensurate. Died c.1320


  • Jan 26 Ulrich von Liechtenstein (c. 75) dies
  • *Jehan de Lescurel born (Paris) French composer, poet. Died 1304
  • Johan Esteve composes the pastorela L’autr’ ier al gai tems de Pascor 


  • Guiraut Riquier composes the pastorela D’Astarac venia


  • Peire Cardenal (c. 98) dies in Montpelier


  • Nov 15 Albertus Magnus (c.80) dies in Cologne
  • *John Kukuzelis born (Durrës, Albania) Byzantine composer, singer, Eastern Orthodox church reformer. Died 1360
  • *Adam de la Halle composes the musical play Le Jeu de Robin et Marion
Adam de la Halle - Le Jeu de Robin et de Marion (Naxos 8557337)

Adam de la Halle – Le Jeu de Robin et de Marion (Naxos 8557337)


  • Guiraut Riquier composes the pastorela A Sant Pos de Tomeiras


  • The Cantigas de Santa Maria, a collection of Portuguese musical manuscripts, is written, possibly by Alfonso X


  • Apr 4 Alfonso X of Castile (62) dies in Seville
  • Folquet de Lunel’s lyric poem Romans de mondana vida composed
  • Johan Esteve’s lament Quossi moria composed


  • *Rutebeuf (c. 40) dies
  • Johan Esteve’s pastorela El dous tems quan la flor sesplan composed


  • Johan Esteve’s sirventes [service song] Francx reys Frances, per cuy son Angevi composed


  • Adam de la Halle (c. 50) dies in Naples
  • Johan Esteve’s pastorela Ogan, ab freg que fazia composed


  • *Jean de Muris born (Normandy?) French mathematician, music theorist, philosopher. Died c.1355
  • *Maestro Piero born (Assisi?, Italy) Italian composer of madrigals. Died c.1350
  • *Raimon de Cornet born (Toulouse) French troubador, poet, priest, author. Died c.1340
  • *Johan Esteve de Bezers (c. 50) dies
  • *W. de Wycombe (c. 60) dies


  • Oct 31 Philippe de Vitry born (Arras, France) French music theorist, composer, bishop, poet. Author of the Ars Nova treatise. Died 1361


  • Guiraut Riquier (c. 62) dies in Narbonne


  • Jan 28 Safi al-Din al-Urmawi (c. 78) dies in Baghdad


  • *Thomas Learmont (c. 78) dies

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