14th Century

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* = approximate date


  • *Giovanni da Cascia born (Florence) Italian composer of madrigals. Died c.1350
  • *Lorenzo da Firenze aka Lorenzo Masi born (Florence?) Italian composer, teacher. Died 1372
  • *Guillaume de Machaut born (Rheims) French poet, composer, cleric. Writer of the Messe de Nostre Dame, the first polyphonic setting of the Mass by a single composer. Died 1377
  • *Folquet de Lunel (c. 56) dies
  • *Johannes de Grocheio’s treatise Ars Musicae written
  • *Petrus de Cruce composes his Petronian motets
  • *The Manuscrit du Roi [Manuscript of Kings] compiled containing over 600 songs written in the 12th and 13th centuries
  • *The Montpellier Codex compiled (possibly in Paris) containing 336 polyphonic works
  • *The Rondeau form develops
Guillaume de Machaut (c.1300-1377)

Guillaume de Machaut (c.1300-1377)


  • May 23 Jehan de Lescurel (c. 30) hanged in Paris (disputed – may not be same person)
  • The Codex Manesse written in Zürich, a compilation of works by 140 Minnesänger, each represented by an illuminated miniature.


  • *Peire de Ladils born (Toulouse) French troubador. Died c.1355
  • The chansonnier known as troubadour MS P compiled in Lombardy.
  • *Ars Antiqua period ends and Ars Nova period begins


  • Gervais du Bus’s (dates unknown) allegorical poem Roman de Fauvel written in Paris. It is later set to music by Philippe de Vitry


  • *Jacopo da Bologna born (Bologna) Italian composer of madrigals. Died c.1365


  • *Walter Odington’s (dates unknown) work on musical theory De Speculatione Musices written in Evesham (some sources date it as early as 1300)


  • *Marchetto da Padova writes the treatise Lucidarium in arte musice plane (an encyclopaedia)


  • Nov 29 Heinrich Frauenlob (c. 68) dies in Mainz
  • *Marchetto da Padova writes the treatise Pomerium in arte musice mensurate (on music mensuration)


  • *Donato da Cascia born (Cascia, Italy) Italian composer of madrigals, priest. Died c.1370
  • *Gherardello da Firenze born (Florence?) Italian composer, priest, Benedictine monk. Died c.1363
  • *Nicole Oresme born (Fleury-sur-Orne, France) French theologian, philosopher, polymath, Bishop of Lisieux, scientist. Wrote the first proof on the divergence of the harmonic series. Died 1382
  • *Johannes de Garlandia (c. 70) dies
  • *Johannes de Grocheio (c.65) dies
  • *Marchetto da Padova (c. 45) dies, probably in Naples
  • Jean de Muris writes the Ars novae musicae treatise


  • Pope John XXII forbids the use of counterpoint in church music
  • *Philippe de Vitry writes the Ars Nova treatise


  • *Raimon de Cornet’s Doctrinal de trobar [doctrines of composition] written
  • Guillaume de Machaut’s motet Bone Pastor Guillerme, Bone Pastor qui pastores premiered in Rheims
  • Pope John XXII issues the Papal Bull Docta Sanctorum Patrum condemning many elements of ‘modern’ polyphony


  • *Francesco Landini born (Florence?) Italian composer of ballate and madrigals, organist, singer, organ builder. Blind from childhood due to smallpox. Died 1397
  • Amir Khusrow (73) dies in Delhi
  • *Organ pedals come into use
  • *The Tournai Mass, the oldest polyphonic Mass still extant, written. It is a compilation of the work of a number of composers


  • *Johannes Ciconia born (Liege) Flemish composer, music theorist. Wrote both sacred and secular music and two works of theory: Nova Musica and De Proportionibus. Died 1412


  • Apr Guillaume de Machaut appointed canon of Reims Cathedral
  • *Bartolino da Padova born (Padua) Italian composer of ballate and madrigals. Died c.1405
  • *Niccolò da Perugia born (Perugia) Italian composer of  madrigals and ballate. Died c.1400
  • *Petrus de Cruce (c. 80) dies
  • *Raimon de Cornet (c. 50) dies
  • *Jacob of Liege (dates unknown) writes the largest surviving medieval work on music, Speculum Musicae [The Mirror of Music]


  • Guillaume de Marchaut’s narrative poem Le Remède de Fortune [The Cure of Ill Fortune] written


  • Eustache Deschamps born (Vertus, France) French poet, satirist. Wrote the treatise Art de Dicter. Died 1406


  • The Second Geisslerlieder outbreak occurs following the Black Death (see also 1258)
Medieval flagellants around the time of the Black Death

Medieval flagellants around the time of the Black Death


  • *Zacara da Teramo born (Teramo, Italy) Italian composer, singer, papal secretary. Wrote both sacred and secular music. Died c.1415
  • *Záviš ze Zap born (Prague) Bohemian theologian, composer. Died c.1411
  • *Giovanni da Cascia (c.50) dies in Verona, probably of the black death
  • *Maestro Piero (c. 60) dies in Verona, probably of the black death
  • Jacopo da Bologna’s musical setting of Petrach’s Non al suo amante composed
  • *The Barcelona Mass written, probably by more than one composer


  • Jan 4th Philippe de Vitry appointed Bishop of Meaux
  • Jean de Muris (c. 60) dies in Paris


  • *Paolo da Firenze born (Florence?) Italian composer of ballate and madrigals, music theorist, Benedictine monk. Died 1436
  • *Peire de Ladils (c. 45) dies


  • Hugo von Montfort born (Bruck an der Mur, Austria) Austrian politician, poet, minnesinger. Died 1423


  • *Andrea da Firenze born (Florence?) Italian composer of ballate, organist, organ builder, Servite monk. Died 1415
  • *John Kukuzelis (c. 80) dies
  • *Guillaume de Machaut’s Hoquetus David written, his only surviving instrumental composition
  • *The Robertsbridge Codex written in Robertsbridge, Sussex containing 6 pieces including the earliest surviving music written specifically for keyboard


  • Jun 9 Philippe de Vitry (69) dies in Paris


  • *Gherardello da Firenze (c. 42) dies


  • *Guillaume de Machaut’s La Messe De Nostre Dame written


  • Jacopo da Bologna (c. 50) dies in Bologna


  • *Antonio da Cividale born (Cividale del Friuli, Italy) Italian composer, Dominican monk. Died 1421
  • *Donato da Cascia (c. 50) dies
  • *Rossi Codex compiled in Italy containing 37 secular works (madrigals, canons and ballate). The only two identifiable composers are Maestro Piero and Giovanni da Cascia


  • Dec Lorenzo da Firenze (c. 70) dies in Florence


  • *Nicolas Grenon born (Paris) French composer, teacher, choirmaster. Died 1456
  • *Leonel Power born (Kent) English composer of masses and motets, teacher, choirmaster. Died 1445


  • Apr 13 Guillaume de Machaut (c. 77) dies in Rheims
  • May 2 Oswald von Wolkenstein born (Puster Valley, Austria) Austrian poet, composer, diplomat. Died 1445
  • François Andrieu’s ballade Armes amours / O flour des flours composed on the death of Guillaume de Machaut. Nothing else is known about the composer
  • *Ars Nova period ends


  • *Baude Cordier born (Rheims) French composer, harpist. Died c.1440
  • *Bartolomeo da Bologna born (Bologna) Italian composer, organist, Benedictine monk. Died c.1430
  • *Pierre Fontaine born (Rouen) French composer of chansons, singer. Died c.1450
  • *Guillaume Legrant aka Lemacherier born (Bourges?, France) French composer, singer, chaplain. Died c.1450


  • Jul 11 Nicole Oresme (c.60) dies in Lisieux, France


  • *John Dunstable (or Dunstaple) born (Dunstable, Bedfordshire) English composer, mathematician, astronomer. Surviving works include two masses, 12 motets and around 40 other religious pieces. Died 1453
John Dunstable - Sweet Harmony: Motets and Masses (Naxos 8557341)

John Dunstable – Sweet Harmony: Motets and Masses (Naxos 8557341)


  • Zacara da Teramo appointed secretary to pope Boniface IX, a post he holds through the papacies of Innocent VII and Gregory XII until his death


  • Nov 25 Eustache Deschamps completes and autographs the treatise Art de Dicter et de Fere Chancons [The art of poetry and making songs]


  • Aug 5 Guillaume Dufay born (Beersel, Belgium) Flemish composer, music theorist. Composer of 7 Masses and 28 Mass movements, 27 hymns, 22 motets, 35 other religious works and 87 chansons. Died 1474
  • Sep 2 Francesco Landini (c. 72) dies in Florence

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